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So It’s Come To This: Things We Found On YouTube Part 18

Short of ideas for articles? Lacking in time? Just find some rubbish cricket videos on YouTube! And Lord knows, there are plenty.

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How she keeps balance is another matter.

Once More, With Feeling: How We Tried To Make The Greatest England Squad Ever

Did England make the right choices in their squad for South Africa?

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Christ, it just gets worse and worse for the poor bastard

We’ll Have To Look At The Data: Ian Ronald Bell MBE

After surveying the wreckage of England’s latest failed attempt to get bowled out for 51 again, we’ve come up with a radical solution. And it sure as shit isn’t moving Ian Bell *up* the order.

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In case it's not obvious, this picture may help.

A Cook And Bell Story

51allout joins the queue of people saying nasty things about Alastair Cook.

Ed Cowan celebrates

England vs. Australia, First Test: Day Four Review

Another review that ends badly for Australians.

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England fans react to their side's comprehensive mauling of Australia

The Inarguable Genius Of England’s Top Three

England’s top order just can’t catch a break, but this is why all their critics are imbeciles of the highest order.

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New Zealand vs. England, Third Test: Day Three Review

They haven’t got a clue Charles.

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Bell celebrates after another hundred

Stop Ringing Ian’s Bell

51allout puts its serious hat on after coming across yet another supposed cricketing authority calling for Ian Bell’s head.

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Kieswetter wonders what this thing is for

The Kieswetter Experiment

February 28th 2010: England install Craig Kieswetter into their ODI side. March 1st 2010: Editor Steve installs a swear jar in the 51allout office. Coincidence? We think not.

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The eighth wonder of the world takes a moment to appreciate the well-worn middle of his bat

India vs. England, Fifth ODI: Review

Like a beautiful, glorious phoenix, England rose from the ashes of a couple of rubbish performances to win the toss and thus add a healthy dose of respectability to their series defeat.

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