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So It’s Come To This: Things We Found On YouTube Part 1

YouTube: destroying the working day since 2005

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Around The Grounds #6: Lord’s

A day spent with the landed gentry. And John Emburey.

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Around The Grounds #3: Lord’s

Everyone knows that it’s the home of cricket, it’s got a slope and it’s hallowed, but what about the game taking place inside it? And what’s more, what about the attendees?

England vs. New Zealand, First ODI: Review

One of the great performances.

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England vs. New Zealand, First Test: Day Three Review

What happened today at Lord’s? Quite a lot, actually.

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Classic Series Review: 2005 Ashes, Part One (Lord’s)

A whole week of reminiscing about the greatest series in the history of the game starts, like all the great stories, with England getting a right shellacking.

England vs. South Africa, Fourth ODI: Review

England triumphed in one of the great rubbish ODI’s to ensure they could not lose the series and would remain in the exceptionally uncoveted number one spot for the remainder of the year.

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England vs. Australia, 1st ODI: Preview

It’s the biggest and most important five-match ODI series shoehorned into an English summer since, like, ever! And it starts on Friday. Here’s our preview.

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People’s Monday?

By Anthony K The English sporting establishment are a clever lot. They know just how much they have to offer the great unwashed to preserve the status quo. Rain at Wimbledon, requiring Sunday play, but no time to get the corporate fans mobilised? Throw it open to the public, make a few extra quid and […]

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England v Sri Lanka, 2nd Test, Player Reviews

England Andrew Strauss: Just four runs in the match for Strauss whose middling form is starting to attract attention. He was undone both times by the left-arm seam of Welegedara, which will not have gone unnoticed by a certain Mr D Fletcher, with Zaheer Khan set to arrive in England in the coming weeks. Too […]

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