A gradual but inevitable descent into cricket-based loathing and bile.

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Patient zero: soon it would be Chris Gayle's Gangnam Style and Doug Bollinger touching up Katy Perry.

51allout Mass Debates #13: 20/20 Vision To See, Said A Little Voice To Me

We discuss the ECB’s vision for a new T20 tournament. Cynicism included.

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IPL 2016: Meet The New Jos, Same As The Old Jos

IPL 2016 may have Jos Buttler in it, but is it really any different from previous tournaments? We certainly won’t get fooled again.

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The IPL features Steven Peter Devereux Smith, so of it's course its good.

Steve Smith Report Card: We Like His Old Stuff Better Than His New Stuff

We still love Devereux, we really do, but we can’t help feeling nostalgic at times.


MCL: Ell Oh Ell

The Masters Champions League begins. Is it an excellent, innovative idea guaranteed to produce high quality sport? Or will it be a load of pissed up old players out on a massive jolly? You decide.

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IPL 2015 Season Preview: So Very, Very Tired

Would you like a bluffers guide to the new IPL season? So would we – to tell the truth.

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Although now you mention it, Editor Steve's karaoke performance at the Christmas party does seem a bit odd now.

So It’s Come To This: Things We Found On YouTube Part 3

More random stuff from YouTube, this week with violence, old people and the utter rubbishness of the IPL. Plus some dangerous allegations about Editor Steve.

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The 51allout Podcast #60: May 12th 2014

It’s time to tackle the big question of the day: just how firm is Peter Moores’ handshake? Plus there’s talk about the county season, the IPL and how Glenn Maxwell is the new Glenn Maxwell.

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51allout Take Over The Future Tours Programme!

Creating the Future Tours Programme: harder than we thought.

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The Pune Warriors selection meeting once again got slightly out of hand.

The Tragedy Of Pune

The Ides of March have come.

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The 51allout Podcast #34: May 22nd 2013

It’s back! After a week off due to being bored shitless by the IPL, the 51allouters have regrouped to talk about England’s win over New Zealand.

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