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The 51allout Podcast #19: January 17th 2013

Despite a disappointingly low standard of cricket around the world this week, the 51allout crew still managed to wax lyrical about James Tredwell, Brad Haddin and Jeremy Beadle’s withered hand.

Australia vs. Sri Lanka: Limited Overs Series Preview

News that Steve Smith will be the 12th man for the first Australian ODI of the summer has caused effigies of George Bailey to be burnt across the country. 51allout gleefully joins in with the carnage.

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Australia vs. Sri Lanka, Third Test: Review

Not only did Michael Hussey see Australia to victory, he also took the opportunity to epically merk the selectors by putting Nathan Lyon in charge of the team song.

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Sri Lanka In 2012: The End Of The Beginning Of The End

Sri Lankan cricket achieved the impossible in 2012: they managed to look a bigger looming basket case than the Kiwis did. Impressive,

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Australia vs. Sri Lanka, Third Test: Preview

The 51allout team have literally never been this excited about anything before

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Australia vs. Sri Lanka, Second Test: Review

The second Test provided an object lesson as to why Margaret Thatcher’s plan to remove free milk from public schools was fundamentally flawed.

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Australia vs. Sri Lanka: Second Test Preview

Fat people and sports lovers unite, it’s Boxing Day!

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Australia vs. Sri Lanka: First Test Review

Managing Australian fast bowlers would be a damn sight simpler if they just all stayed at home and the selectors shot 50,000 of them a week.

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The 51allout Podcast #17: December 20th 2012

Cheerful times in the 51allout podcast. But is that because of England winning, Matt Wade bowling or the imminent appearance of one James Tredwell?

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Australia vs. Sri Lanka, First Test: Preview

The next round of Big Bash matches sees the Aussie Diggers take on the Sri Lankan Smashers. Get your chicken based fast food franchise of choice on the phone, cause it’s gonna be massive.

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