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Ocean's Twelve

Botham’s Twelve

51allout returns to using bubble charts to assess allrounders. And then Shane Watson impersonates Julia Roberts, for reasons that no-one can explain, not even the writers.

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The Commentators: SuperSport

The worst thing about England thrashing South Africa.

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Ocean's Eleven

Botham’s Eleven

No, that title’s not a reference to the number of close fielders Sir Ian wants at any one time, but instead a rubbish pun on a film from a few years back. The actual article is about looking at English all-rounders. And weeping softly.

Ian Botham prepares to pick his dream side for the second Test

The 51allout Botham/Anderson Chart Spectacular!

Jimmy Anderson’s overtaking of Sir Ian Botham’s record led some to party in the streets. Not us. We weren’t invited to the party so stayed home and did charts instead.

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Although now you mention it, Editor Steve's karaoke performance at the Christmas party does seem a bit odd now.

So It’s Come To This: Things We Found On YouTube Part 3

More random stuff from YouTube, this week with violence, old people and the utter rubbishness of the IPL. Plus some dangerous allegations about Editor Steve.

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What are you thinking….XX

The Commentators: Butch

Get the guitar.

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It Sort Of Clicks

The 51allout Bargain Basement Book Bonanza: It Sort Of Clicks by Peter Roebuck & Ian Botham

Two men, one of whom liked to cane young boys and one who punched a policemen, got together to write a book. What could possibly go wrong?

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He also has a tiny head.

No Such Thing As A Free Launch: David Gower’s ‘An Endangered Species’

The 51allout book club: less popular than the gin club, to be fair.

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Food Processors Are Great: Cricketers Sell Out.

Cricketers and bad television commercials go together like Hendrick’s gin, Schweppes tonic, a slice of Waitrose organic cucumber and some ICC-approved non-branded ice.

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Ah, I remember when nostalgia really was something special.

In The Air! And Safe! And Out! #3: Test Match

Not everyone had a computer in the 1980s.

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