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A Schlep From Wolves Posting #1: England vs Ireland First ODI

Like George Michael returning for The Final, a former staffer returns from his solo blog in a desperate attempt to resurrect the 51allout’s Andrew Ridgeley-esque stuttering career.

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The Greatest ODI Batsman Of All Time. Of All Time!

51allout investigates a question that’s been bugging everyone for years: just who is the joint 150th best ODI batsman of all time?

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The 51allout Fix: England and ODIs

51allout ponder England’s ODI fortunes. Eoin Morgan: Why are you still here?

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England And One Day Cricket: Outdated Or Just Plain Shit?

What the internet really needs is more articles on the English ODI team. That and pictures of JLaw’s boobs.

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Australia vs England, 3nd ODI: Preview

Dreams can come true. Look at me babe I’m with you. You know you gotta have hope. You know you gotta be strong

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England World Cup Ladder Volume 1

The race to the World Cup starts somewhere around here.

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Luke Wright: Used To Be Shite, Now He’s Alright

Back in the pre-51allout age, everyone hated Luke Wright. From the moment we formed and began singing his praises, his stock has gone from strength to strength. Coincidence?

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Classic Series Review: The 1992 World Cup

It was twenty years ago today that the 1992 World Cup started; somewhere in suburban England, an eleven year-old boy was paying attention and dared to dream.

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Pakistan vs. England, Third ODI Review

England strolled to victory in the third ODI against Pakistan. But what did we think of it?

Pakistan vs. England: Third One Day International Preview

Two games in and two wins for England. Did anyone see that coming? Not us. Here we fail dismally to predict what will happen in the third game.