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Australia vs. Sri Lanka: Limited Overs Series Preview

News that Steve Smith will be the 12th man for the first Australian ODI of the summer has caused effigies of George Bailey to be burnt across the country. 51allout gleefully joins in with the carnage.

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The KFC Big Bash: Round Four Review

It’s nearly crunch time in the Big Bash. Not quite yet though, which means it’s still acceptable to miss a game or two to hang around with the missus at Christmas.

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The KFC Big Bash: Round Three Review

The KFC Big Bash rolls on like Dan Smith falling off a cliff. Here’s our verdict on the latest batch of games.

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The KFC Big Bash: Round Two Review

The second round of the Big Bash saw, well, pretty much the same stuff we saw in the first round. Except more of it.

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The Warmup Roundup

England and South Africa kindly played some cricket this week, purely for the benefit of filling in a gap in the 51allout schedule.

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The 51allout Podcast #10: November 1st 2012

James’s rubbish attempts to create a controversy from Australia’s Test selection aside, it was another fruitful week aboard the 51allout banterbus.

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T20 Champions League: Review

The Champions League T20 didn’t exactly capture the imagination of the general public, which is to be expected when Dave Stewart’s song-commissioning hotline continues to gather dust.

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The 51allout Podcast #9: October 26th 2012

Podcast number 9 sees us sifting over the ashes of our interest in the Champions League, the ashes of the careers of the Marsh brothers, and….well….the Ashes itself. Plus the usual slating of the Kiwis.

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The 51allout Podcast #8: October 17th 2012

Kevin Pietersen, the ECB, the Champions League, Channel Nine and the Steve Smith victory waddle. Just a typical week in chateau 51allout.

The Steve Smith Report: Part One

Been wondering what Steve Smith has been up to lately? Hankering for some proper cricket? Step this way, as we review what’s been happening in Australian domestic cricket these past few weeks.