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So It’s Come To This: Things We Found On YouTube Part 18

Short of ideas for articles? Lacking in time? Just find some rubbish cricket videos on YouTube! And Lord knows, there are plenty.

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Stuart Broad is a shit bloke

Steve O’Keefe Is A Sh*t Bloke

51allout investigates when not walking is actually not not walking and is in fact something else entirely instead.

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Ocean's Eleven

Botham’s Eleven

No, that title’s not a reference to the number of close fielders Sir Ian wants at any one time, but instead a rubbish pun on a film from a few years back. The actual article is about looking at English all-rounders. And weeping softly.

The Courier Mail is a bit shit

The 51allout Propaganda Machine: A Broad Definition Of Success

Stuart Broad has been having a fine time down under.

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Stuart Broad captains England for the first time today

Stuart Broad 1 Australia 0

Day one of the series was all about one man.

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P.S. I Am Walking As I Write This

To walk or not to walk? Why’s it even a question?

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Ryan Harris confronts his future.

England vs. Australia, Day Four: Belated Review

Because sometimes men need to sit around necking gin and talking about what they’ve seen before they attempt to write about it on the internet.

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We'll just leave this picture here.

Classic Series Review: 2009 Ashes

Remember the 2009 Ashes? We remembered some bits of it, but then luckily we were allowed to look at the scorecards before writing 2,000 words about it.

Stuart Broad: bad ass edition

England vs. New Zealand, First Test: Day Four Review

SHIT! Did you see that?

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The 51allout team struggled with a lack of inspiration once again.

New Zealand vs. England, Second Test: Day Three Review

One of the great days of Test cricket. Although we spent most of it sitting around in dressing gowns laughing at Australia, rather than actually paying attention.

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