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Steve Harmison: The Last Of The Gang To Die

Steve Harmison can take the credit for driving us to gin back in 2006. The rest is history.

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Points Don’t Mean Prizes: The County Season In Numbers

The absolute final word on the County Championship comes in the form of some numbers.

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Australia vs. England’s 4th XI

Despite picking an entire Airbus A380 of players for the two tours of Australia, there were enough omitted players to make a fairly reasonable XI.

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The 51allout YB40 Final Preview Spectacular!

It’s YB40 final day! The showcase of the English summer! Now where’s the gin?

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The Warne Identity

Shane Warne has really annoyed us over the last few weeks, to the extent that the work experience boy has finally been allowed his say.

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England vs. Australia, Fifth Test: Devereux Day Review

Devereux! This is like finally getting that gin sponsorship we’ve always dreamed of.

Michael Clarke: Pup Or The Big Dog?

Michael Clarke: love him or hate him, at least he doesn’t have a face like a rat. We got two of 51allout’s writers from down under to discuss whether his ex-fiancée was fit, whether Mickey Arthur is the best thing about him and how Pune really don’t need another anchor at the top of an anchor-heavy batting order.

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The Alphabet XIs: T

The long-awaited latest instalment of the Alphabet XI’s arrives with a T side based around an English core, in tribute to their sensational winter’s cricket. It is not the most talented XI, but with a workmanlike top order surrounding a genius to provide the runs and perhaps the fastest attack of all, they are not to be underestimated.

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The Alphabet XIs: P

This is more like it: after the depressingly awful Ns and Os, the Ps show plenty of ability and excitement. The depth in batting is incredible, the bowling attack balanced (if a second spinner was required, Monty Panesar could fill in) and Liam Plunkett is left on the sidelines. Hurrah! The high proportion of South Africa-born players is puzzling though.

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Selecting the England Team the Old-Fashioned Way

It’s a generally held consensus that one of the reasons for England’s excellent results in Test cricket over the last couple of years has been their consistency of selection. To reuse an old saying about the Australian team, it’s harder to get out of the team than it is to get in. There was a […]