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FLT20 Finals Day: Sussex vs. Yorkshire LIVE!

Join us as we liveblog our way through T20 finals day, starting with favourites Sussex taking on Yorkshire. Or, quite possibly, lots of rain and an in-depth discussion of New Zealand getting utterly demolished by India.

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England vs. South Africa: Third Test, Day Three Review

The two sides traded jabs throughout the day, with neither side able to land the killer blow, either through traditional methods or by biting their opponent’s ear off.

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England vs. South Africa: Third Test, Day Two Review

Gingers aren’t just for ritual teasing and hilarious premature sunburning.

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County Championship 2012: The Halfway House (Division Two)

We turn our attention to Division Two as we go around the grounds, realise it rained all week and fill space by talking about the season so far.

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County Championship 2012: The Week That Was Overshadowed

Bloody foreigners, eh? Coming over here, retiring from one day cricket to distract everyone from the proper cricket going on. Can’t trust ’em.

England vs. West Indies, First Test: Preview

Test cricket’s back in England! The West Indies are here to whet our appetites for later in the summer. We’re going to make them grovel. Or something.

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The future is bright

As our Australian friends have kindly proven to us over the past year, it doesn’t matter how good a side you are, a failure to properly prepare for the future will leave you in a heap of trouble. 51allout has taken a look at six of the best young stars of the County circuit who […]

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Selecting the England Team the Old-Fashioned Way

It’s a generally held consensus that one of the reasons for England’s excellent results in Test cricket over the last couple of years has been their consistency of selection. To reuse an old saying about the Australian team, it’s harder to get out of the team than it is to get in. There was a […]